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dSavage Photography is currently seeking models for a variety of projects in the Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte areas of North Carolina for paid assignments. Art photography is done strictly as study on a limited budget, consequently, this may not be of interest to all models.

Type of modeling work:
Full and partial nude poses for fine art style figure photography. Projects range from traditional style high and low key images, to the mildly erotic. (No "adult", "pornography", or "spread" style images are under consideration.) Your personal limitations are taken into consideration when determining a model's suitability for a specific assignment.

Most sessions will occur in Raleigh, NC however, depending on the photographer's travel schedule, may be considered in San Jose, CA.

Session Dates:
Weekends preferred, weekday arrangements can be made with enough prior notice.

Model Requirements:
Models need to be moderately slender with minimal tattoos, tan lines, stretch marks, scars, etc. No specific height, hair length/color, or ethnic restrictions apply. Currently looking for facial attractiveness and good complexion. Body preferences include 8-10 inch difference between hip and waist measurements, breast size (A-C) and shape are also important for concepts currently under consideration.

Models are offered between $25 per hour and $35 per hour, depending on experience level and quality of prints desired from the session. A four hour minimum session can be guaranteed. If prints are provided a release can be granted for models to copy prints for their own personal use or for portfolio use.

Travel Allowance:
If your travel time is in excess of one hour each way a partial travel allowance of $0.20 per mile round trip will be provided. (Based on door-to-door mileage calculated on MapQuest. Five hundred (500) mile round trip maximum)

Models must sign a model release. The release is a "general" full release with the exception that the model's face may not be transferred to another model's body without express consent. Additionally, the model is entitled to half of the net profits in the event of future sales. These exceptions expire ten years after shoot date.

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